Faith in Black and White

The following blog post appeared two years ago but it was on my mind this weekend when I was given a treasure. When Jim and Shelly Gabel married 38 years ago last month, her mother threw a recipe shower. Shelly has a box stuffed with recipes from the shower and she had a recipe for tortillas that she shared with me. It bears Mary Arnold’s address, Mary is Shelly’s mother who passed away earlier in the year. She was famous for her cooking and her squash blossom necklaces and I was glad to know her for the brief time I did.

The cookbook pictured is from the Volga German communities around Ellis County, Kansas, where I went to college. Looking through it made me happy…and hungry.



My mom kept herself busy while in school at Baylor University deciphering the letters my grandmother sent her. Really bad handwriting apparently skips a generation.
Knowing this, I couldn’t help but smile while unpacking the other day when I ran across a scrapbook my mom made me. She titled it In Their Own Hand: My Grandmothers’ Recipes. I flipped through the pages and could hear my grandmothers’ voices, which is not to say that I could read June’s recipe for green rice (I think?…) in her scrawled hand. Green rice? Maybe. 20140630-231928-83968585.jpg

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