Three things to look for in a content writer for your ag website

The pictures of the cattle look great, the photos of calving season, the show steers, replacement heifers, or bulls are ready for their debut. Your web designer is on point with a great header and a shiny new logo. The website looks amazing!

A great web designer needs solid content to best represent your farm or ranch.

Now you need content… Here are a few things to look for in a great content writer for your ag website.

You need someone versed in SEO writing: Search Engine Optimization writing is using key words to help Google search engines return your site to potential customers on the Internet. Most customers tend to research companies prior to contacting them and your website is their first stop. Websites are your 24/7 contact for customers and SEO writing can help customers find you. Your content writer can help make sure that their first click isn’t their last.

You need a writer in the know: You need someone familiar with the industry who is an experienced writer. A writer familiar with both your industry and your customers can communicate your message appropriately, clearly, and allow your operation’s soul to shine through.

You need a writer who can roll: You need someone who is flexible, efficient, and can help you adjust your content so it’s live when customers are looking for information specific to a time or event. Timeliness is king online and a good writer will have the right content at the right time.

When you’re ready for a content writer for your ag website, contact me at or at 970-768-0024.


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