Colorado FFA President Emma Mortensen: Tips for Efficient 4-H and FFA meetings

A few things set Emma Mortensen, Brush, Colorado, apart from the crowd. She is lovely and kind in addition to being intelligent- she’ll be heading to Texas Tech University in the fall. She is fun to watch in the show ring because she possesses a natural grace and seriousness that shine through. She’s also poised and is spending time polishing her already professional and approachable personality spending a year serving Colorado FFA as the state president.

Mortensen, center, and the current Colorado FFA Officer Team.

Here are Mortensen’s tips for 4-H and FFA members (and parents, leaders, and advisors) for more efficient meetings.

Mortensen has a deep love for the FFA Parliamentary Procedure contest and her two years as a contestant, paired with her FFA experience in the Brush chapter under Ms. Shannon Baylie and now at the state level, have made her a deft Continue reading


Honesty in the Picture Pen

We see gobs and scads of cattle photos- show cattle, bulls, and females- daily on Facebook, online auctions, and in the stacks of catalogs that find their way to our mailbox. Some of the photos are poor photos, some of the photos are great, and some of them have been obviously altered.

This photo of Gabel Farms’ Thug is one of my favorites. He was a tremendous steer no matter how you looked at him.

The name of the game in taking livestock photos is to make a good one look even better and doing so is a craft I take seriously. I also take seriously the fact that my family’s reputation or the reputation of my client lives in that photo.

When I began, I took a casual photo of some heifers Continue reading

Three things to look for in a content writer for your ag website

The pictures of the cattle look great, the photos of calving season, the show steers, replacement heifers, or bulls are ready for their debut. Your web designer is on point with a great header and a shiny new logo. The website looks amazing!

A great web designer needs solid content to best represent your farm or ranch.

Now you need content… Here are a few things to look for in a great content writer for your ag website.

You need someone versed in SEO writing: Search Engine Optimization writing is using key words to help Google search engines return your site to potential customers on the Continue reading

Scotch caps and squash blossoms

Scotch caps and squash blossoms. Her grandfather had a scotch cap, she remembers the rough wool and whiskers. Her grandmother had a squash blossom. It was her signature piece. A chambray shirt, a swipe of lipstick, and a squash blossom necklace.

It’s function and flirt, leather and lace. One defines functionality, the other beauty and class. Today it is 15 years since¬†grandpa hung up his scotch cap and five since mom wore grandma’s squash blossom to her funeral. Today it’s the granddaughter who wears both the scotch cap and the squash blossom.

 She is a woman who periodically pulls a trailer through the carpool lane Continue reading