Grace, Easter, and Green Wheat

The Easter Sunday pulpit was not bedecked with lillies. The cross was not draped with a cloth starched by a believer’s knotted hand. He didn’t wear ornate robes or look out upon rows of freshly washed faces. Father looked out upon his church and saw the families being housed there, seeking asylum from hell’s own fire.


Grace is being extended in the most tangible ways imaginable during the Anderson Creek fire.

God is in the trucker who rolls to a stop to unload bales of hay from Nebraska. The air brakes announce his arrival and, once unloaded, he carefully carries a box in his weathered hands. His offering is his wife’s cinnamon rolls baked in the early hours and packed carefully to bless someone who needs sweet grace. 

God is in the strangers in a line, shovels in hand, who are weary. God is in the business owners who feed volunteers from their own bottom line. God is in the cancelled egg hunts and a tangible reminder that Easter is not about the bunny, but the lamb. 

God is in the little boy’s heart who always knew he wanted to be a cowboy. He looks out at the red sky and sees mounted cowboys against the glow. They’re looking for cattle to move to safe areas and they look like heroes to him.

God is in the green wheat fields. To outsiders, they define the fly over state but this week, the bright green fields offer safety to cattle and the possibility of harvest.

God is in the planes that fly low and accurately, carrying crimson clouds of answered prayers. The rumble of their engines is felt below their path and the relief brings water to the eyes of men who have seen their legacy in smoke.

God is in the Easter dinner served on folding tables and in school cafeterias and on pickup beds. It’s in saying grace together, in defining the act of being a neighbor, in the truth that growth will replace scorched ground and new life begins here.

He’s in the drop of a gavel and the chant of an auctioneer who takes a moment of silence before the sale. God is in the stockmen who quietly provide heifers and hope in the same trailer load.

God is in the voices that murmur through tears and exhaustion. Who covers the heavens with clouds, who provides rain for the earth; who makes grain sprout on the mountains and herbs for the service of men; who gives food to the cattle…

Be not afraid. He is Risen!

Note: Thank you for reading, sharing, and entrusting me with your stories. If you would like to share yours, I would be proud to listen. You can contact me at or at 970-768-0024. Happy Easter.


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