Write This Down

In gathering writing samples at the request of an editor unfamiliar with my work, I was sorting through the numerous pieces I’ve written since Mildred Brodbeck first put my name in print when I was in middle school.

Though there are a number of published pieces- two freelance assignments that required

me to go behind the walls of a maximum security prison and interview two drastically different


I love a good story!

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Grace, Easter, and Green Wheat

The Easter Sunday pulpit was not bedecked with lillies. The cross was not draped with a cloth starched by a believer’s knotted hand. He didn’t wear ornate robes or look out upon rows of freshly washed faces. Father looked out upon his church and saw the families being housed there, seeking asylum from hell’s own fire.


Grace is being extended in the most tangible ways imaginable during the Anderson Creek fire.

God is in the trucker who rolls to a stop to unload bales of hay from Nebraska. The air brakes announce his arrival and, once unloaded, he carefully carries a box in his weathered hands. His offering is his wife’s cinnamon rolls baked in the early hours and packed carefully to bless someone who needs sweet grace.  Continue reading

Deliberate Communication: Tips to Build Your Brand Online

Just as important as the mechanics, grammar, and clarity of your message, is the role it plays in the whole of the development and cultivation of your brand online.
I recently posted a photo of a cow I call Grumpy Cow, a play on the Grumpy Cat that fills the Internet with more cat

hilarity than really necessary. Grumpy Cow has a frowning face but her attitude is demure. Around here, the mantra tends to revolve around there being too many great cows in the world to own mean ones. I’m slow so I wholeheartedly agree.

The photo of Grumpy Cow was quite popular and garnered many shared posts of other peoples’ own versions. One member of an ag group in which the photo was shared messaged me and suggested that we sell Grumpy Cow before someone gets hurt.


Even though Grumpy Cow caused a small stir, she’s a valuable piece of my big picture. She’s clearly thrilled.

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Flames and Unwavering Praise

A small group of rancher’s wives huddle together in a kitchen to share the burden of the wait. The flames have passed this home and the cattle are accounted for. The pasture is gone “but just think,” one says, absently twirling her wedding band on her finger, “how green it’ll be in a few weeks.”

“Lord,” one woman murmers, her voice is sweet and steeped in the twang of red dirt country. “We come before Your throne today to thank You.”

fire coats

Photo taken near Coats, Kansas.  Photo by Julie Messmore Garofolo via Facebook.

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The Picture Pen: Tips to Improve Your Results

The picture pen is, for some cattlemen, the least enjoyable task while preparing for cattle sales. Admittedly, I’ve been frustrated while picturing- and even chased out of the pen by reluctant models-but it remains one of my happy places. Here are a few tips to improve your results from the picture pen.

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Bull Sale Videos: Simple Ways to Make Sure Yours are Great

Bull Sale season is upon us. For me, that means lots of time in front of my computer and behind my camera. It’s the happiest time of the year.

There is a huge spectrum of videos shared by folks selling bulls and using what works for your operation is key. Here are a few things to ensure your videos help sell your bulls. EG 512

The Background: the background of your videos doesn’t need to be fancy but it needs to not distract from the cattle being videoed. The camera should shoot from Continue reading