Back on the Map

After over a year of my personal life being in a heap at my feet, I’ve taken up my camera and found the things and people who feel like home to me.

Last weekend was marked by snow storms and a busy calving season. I went to the calving barn and the hustle of calving left the barn as quickly as it had arrived a few moments earlier and I found myself standing in the quiet. I could hear the cattle in the lot but it was all muffled by the snow falling. Guilt gripped me by the throat as I stood there and absolutely reveled in the quiet; no cell phone, no camera, no children, no one needed anything from me. Calving barn quiet

And as quickly as it came, the moment ended. I rode the back of the four wheeler to bring a heifer to the barn and wasn’t expected to make any conversation over the din of the motor. Once the gates were IMG_2579closed and other heifers were checked, I peeked through the tack room door in time to see a nose and feet in the pen where we had just bedded the heifer. The calf was born, literally, at my feet. The boys on the crew stood behind me talking pedigrees and medication and auction business and I stood with the door cracked watching a calf being born.

I’m thankful for that moment for a million reasons but what stood out to me as I gently closed the door, I was immensely thankful for the people in my world who allow the quiet but check on me when it goes too long, as it sometimes does.