Winner, winner!

The gurus at Colorado Farm Bureau (CFB) put together the following powerpoint for us when we competed in the Excellence in Agriculture contest at the AFBF meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, last January. This powerpoint is one of my favorite things and I thought I would share it with you, courtesy of Shawn Martini at the CFB office. Enjoy!




Ah, summer. School’s out and there’s time for me to tackle that to-do list. I hate that list, have I mentioned that? My theory, and I may regret this, is that if I put the list on the blog, perhaps I’ll be motivated to whip through it. And if not, maybe my fantabulous followers will cheer me on..or give me a swift kick. Continue reading

New Hometown: Installation 5

To apologize for my utter lack of blogging lately, I give you another installation of this short story. Please forgive me…

The hum of bugs surrounds the porch and though my grandfather has told me a million times their name, I can’t recall whether they were crickets or cicadas. The humidity is thick and oppressive and the music coming from the radio inside is slowed by the thickness of the air. My grandmother was inside with her girlfriends, other wives married to oil men and Army men, and they were playing Bouree or Bridge. Continue reading