From the FarmWife Project: Amber Clay

Recently I was asked what question could be asked of me that would leave the inquistor with a feeling of beginning to understand the complexity that is Amber.  I didn’t even have to think about it…What are you passionate about?  The answer is just as easy. 

I am passionate about my God.  I am passionate about my family.  I am passionate about my country.  I am passionate about my agriculture way of life.

A few months ago, when our family dynamics changed and I found myself responsible for the caregiving of a small infant, I became engulfed by that responsibility and began to lose the grip on my identity.  So through some soul searching and prayer God put it on my heart one word: Passion.  And when I found that word and what it means to me, I began to unpeel the layers that is Amber.

I have found in these few short months that when I make it a point every day to do things that fuel these passions it not only makes me feel better about myself, but it makes me a better me.  Better wife, mother, friend and child of God.

When I read my Bible, thank God for the many, many blessings in my life, trust in Him when times are rough I am fueling that passion.  When I act goofy to make Addison laugh,  comfort her when she cries, support my husband, (and not smother him with a pillow just to quiet the snoring), that passion is maintained.  When I show my patriotism, thank a soldier, share with others the true history of our country that passion is sustained.  When I am blessed to be able to communicate with people the true origin of their food, fiber and fuel, take pleasure in a quiet sunset or drive in a truck on an old country road, my passion is preserved.

I thank God for this passion he has installed in me, these gifts he has blessed me with.  I have let them at times go stagnant, not living up to my  fullest potential that I should be living up to.  And I thank God for putting Colorado Farm Bureau and Rachel Vermillion in my life to put a fire under my butt to not just waste my life and just live, but live as God has intended.

My name is Amber Clay and I’ve been married for almost 13 years to my farmer husband, Doug Clay.  We have one daughter, Savannah who is 20 and a granddaugther, Addison born June 2, 2010.  We are currently ‘youngish’ grandparents being second time parents to our beautiful Addison. 

My husband and I have a custom work operation, primarily working for a dairy.  Our ‘livestock’ includes 2 horses, a goat, 4 dogs and a menagerie of barn cats. 

I primarily spend my days taking care of the general bookkeeping of our operation, taking care of Addison and doing some volunteer work for various organizations, including Colorado Farm Bureau and a local clothing bank.  I am on the Colorado State Food Systems Advisory Council and chairperson of the Food, Farm and Fun Steering Committee which is working on creating a working agriculture curriculum for preschool children addressing the misconceptions of Ag and encouraging healthy eating and nutrition.  I am also on the Boulder County Board of Directors and a member of the Front Range Young Farmers. 


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