My #foodthanks

Today I’m preparing a pile of pies and rolls and other goodies. They run the gamut from gooseberry to pumpkin cream. The rolls are a recipe from my grandmother and I made both a gluten-full and a gluten-free (gf) version.

It’s an odd thing to be whipping up gluten-free dishes on a wheat farm but it’s one of the things I’m grateful for.

Almost ten years ago, I had a new baby and a diagnosis of Celiac Disease. I wouldn’t have thought that simply having to cut gluten from my diet would have been emotional but it was and more. I recall nearly bursting into tears trying to choose a safe dish at a social event. I also recall fully bursting into tears walking through a grocery store with my mother trying to restock my pantry with foods that wouldn’t make me sick.

In the midst of learning to cook, shop and eat again, my marriage ended. I can’t think of any other situations that I’m more grateful to be looking at from the other side than the one I left behind.

Now, ten years and countless less than delicious dishes later, I’ve been back home in Colorado for several years. Through great companies  like Bob’s Red Mill and Udi’s, gluten-free baking is getting easier, less expensive and tastier. My thankfulness also includes the farmers who raise the unique ingredients that go into gf baking mixes like tapioca flour, fava beans, and rice flour.

So when tomorrow’s Thanksgiving celebration comes, know that I will be giving thanks for all involved in from bringing food to fruition. I’ll also be giving thanks for my family and my awesome hubby, the wheat farmer. I’m so proud to be part of Colorado agriculture and for all of the amazing blessings that have come our way.


3 thoughts on “My #foodthanks

  1. Tom-
    Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve tried sorghum flour in a pre-mixed baking mix and it was good. The mixes have really improved since I was first diagnosed!
    I’ll be sure to check out the companies you suggested.
    I hope thing are well in north Kansas. I’m a FHSU alum and worked at Pratt Community College for several years. I left Kansas kicking and screaming and really like that neck of the woods.
    Thank you!

  2. I have a bag of “Glorious Gluten Free Flour” for you to try. It is from Evergreen Helping Hands Specialty Baking Mixes. It even has a recipe to GF Chocolate Chipe Cookies. I’ll bring it on Thursday evening to LCFB meeting.
    Just Susan

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