Rental Pigs

As an agriculture teacher, I get a number of requests throughout the course of the day. Last night, I answered a phone call and heard the sweet and slightly desperate voice of Patty.

Patty, a middle school teacher in Colorado Springs, organized a food drive at her school and the main attraction at the all-school assembly was a Kiss a Pig contest. She told me she had no idea it would be so difficult to locate a pig for said contest and someone had given her our phone number after a string of odd and unproductive phone calls.
She was desperate and I tried not to chuckle when she offered to “pay the pig for his or her time”.

As you may be aware, my husband and I raise show pigs and the best part of this business is that we get to know some really cool youth competitors. We try our level best to do what we can for kids and if Patty needed a pig, Patty was going to get a pig.

We’ll be meeting Patty with a good looking and very kissable baby pig early Friday morning. I’ll also be including some pamphlets about the agriculture industry and we’ll be scheduling a day to travel to west Colorado Springs with a few FFA members. Patty visited with both me and Jason and we gave her a quick overview of the industry. It’s my guess that Patty learned more about agriculture and hogs than she ever dreamed she would. By the end of the call, Patty was more knowledgeable about ag and knew some, as she said, “real, live farmers”.

I have no doubt that Patty, a teacher willing to meet us at 6 a.m. to pick up a pig in a dog carrier to make the day of her students, will have a lot to teach us, too.


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